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Our delicious effervescent drink mixes combine

full-spectrum cannabis with healing herbs to revitalize your body and mind

Gives you the full therapeutic benefit without unwanted side effects
Tuck into your pocket or bag and bring relief with you wherever you go.
Effervescent delivery provides faster action and maximum absorption.



I have had nerve pain, left over from the shingles virus.

I just recently got off a low dose morphine and have found Hana Bar works well. -GL

At Hana Medicinals, our goal is to produce the highest quality products using the most powerful plants to help you feel better.
Our topicals have a nourishing oil base infused with a unique combination of herbs used in traditional medicine for pain and inflammation, in addition to full-spectrum 1:1 (THC:CBD) cannabis extract. Handmade using only the highest quality ingredients available. Topicals do not have any psychoactive effects, so you can use them anytime.
Hana Balm adds arnica and menthol to the synergistic herb blend. Rub into sore, tight muscles and achy joints. Great for muscle tension, chronic pain, after a tough workout, or a day of hard work or play.
Hana Bar is a therapeutic lotion bar that adds the soothing aromas of lavender and vanilla to the herbal blend. Warm the bar between your hands or use as a massage bar. Use as a massage bar, rub into aching hands, or wherever relief is needed.
We use full-spectrum extract derived from sun-grown plants using sustainable organic practices. The whole plant cannabinoids work with your body's own endocannabinoid system to alleviate pain and inflammation and help you to live your best life.



Amy Risch is the founder of Hana Medicinals. She is a biologist and chemical engineer by training and a hobby organic gardener, beekeeper and maker. Years of working hard with her hands has left her with arthritis.

Other family members have also suffered with chronic pain and inflammation, from fibromyalgia and injuries. It has been debilitating at times. But they are not taking it lying down.

For years they tried various products, each filled with numerous chemical ingredients. Nothing worked without having negative side effects. Amy began experimenting at home with various healing herbs and came up with a formula that helped with muscle pain and inflammation and relieved the arthritis pain in her hands.

The results are the products you see here, which combine powerful plant extracts to provide effective healing and relief. 

Today, Hana Medicinals is more than a family business. It’s a homemade family recipe that can be used anywhere, anytime. Please let us know how they work for you. 



"I'm loving the Hana Balm!  I'm using it on my sore muscles, around my TMJ, on my cranky "computer shoulder", and on the "oops I overdid that stretching yesterday" spots.  Also, I'm starting to get a little arthritis in a finger joint.  Hana Balm gives me instant relief for all of it...it's great stuff."

-Susan G

"My mom thinks her Hana Bar is magical! It's really working on her arthritis inflammation. "  -Alisha H

"I had a terribly painful neck ache from a skiing fall. I rubbed the Hana Bar over my neck and shoulder before we headed home. It relieved most of the pain and I was able to move freely! I am so glad I had it with me!" -WB

"It really works!"  -Matt M

"I got food poisoning the other day and had an incredibly sore back and the Hana Bar helped immensely. That is great stuff!!!"  - Casey R

"It's amazing - the arthritis at the base of my thumb doesn't hurt anymore! I just rub a little on every morning." -Charlotte B

"My daughter has been having gut issues for 2 years. We rubbed some balm on her tummy and it was amazing and fast-acting!" -SB

"It's awesome relief for my knee at night - I can actually get to sleep."  - Chuck M

"The bar is a pain eraser - just rub it where it hurts!"  - PR

We'd love to hear how Hana helped you!



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